Anything 4 You

The new low cost solution for your business and home/work life balance needs.

We offer you the opportunity to engage hard working, professional and reliable help, tailored to your specific home and business needs at an hourly rate. As we are not an agency there is no added commission or introduction fees, you merely pay by the hour.

All hours and types of work considered, if it is in our skill set we do it. Please visit the appropriate tab for further details of how we can help you with your personal and business ad hoc requirements.

About Us

Everybody has different needs in their work and home life and there are times when you are on top of everything and other times where you just can't meet all your commitments, those unfinished jobs are diverse and sometimes only relate to you. More>>


Individual Help and Practical Bereavement Services

Have you recently lost a loved one and are now facing the prospect of clearing their home and dealing with their affairs?
Are you a busy working mum trying to juggle everything?
Have you a list of jobs you can't find the time to do?
Have you a list of jobs you just don't want to do?

Business Services

Have you had a staff member call in sick at your busiest time and you don't have an agency agreement, but need help now?
We can help.
Do you just need someone for a couple of hours but afraid an agency will only meet your needs once they have placed all the good temps on longer contacts.
More >>

time is money
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